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Spring always brings a mix of elements, doesn’t it? Torrential downpours and gray skies wash away all the winter grit and then the world suddenly bursts to life again in a spectrum of colors and textures and sweet smells. And pollen too, but hey, let’s try to keep it positive.

It’s also the time of year we all know and love: TAX SEASON!

Yes, I know that most people dislike taxes and dread tax time, but I’ve grown to enjoy that tax season provides a perfect opportunity to redeem myself financially for the year ahead. And if you guessed that I’m about to discourage you from blowing your tax return dollars on a new pair of shoes or some other frivolity, then you guessed correctly. 😉

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No such thing as Boredom…

No such thing as boredom | THINK LIKE A BOSS LADY |

There is no such thing as Boredom.

Boss Ladies don’t do “bored” — they aren’t boring, they don’t suffer from boredom, and they are never bored. It isn’t in the vocabulary. It’s about as real as the Easter bunny. There is no such thing as boredom because a boss lady is just too interesting, too curious, and frankly too damn busy to ever experience the perfectly useless condition of being bored. If you ever meet a woman who allows such filth to part her lips, I suggest that you wash her mouth out with soap promptly. And then direct her to this list for any number of practical solutions to the problem:

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Stop Unwanted Junk in Your Mailbox

Tuesday, June 10, 2014 1 , , , 1

Keep the Junk in the Trunk, and out of Your Mailbox | THINK LIKE A BOSS LADY by Lisa Tufano
If your home mailbox is anything like mine, it gets regularly inundated with spam like coupon mailers, credit card offers, and all kinds of unsolicited advertisements from companies that somehow got ahold of your name and home address. STOP UNWANTED JUNK ALREADY! Between you and me, I suspect that the person who provided them with your personal information is the same jerk responsible for all the socks that mysteriously disappear between washing and drying cycles.

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