Get Amazon Prime for Free – Part II

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Not a student or a mom? No problem — You can still enjoy free perks!

As part of their $99/year membership perks package, Amazon Prime subscribers receive free standard shipping on purchases as well as free expedited 2-day shipping on items designated with a Prime logo (and there are a TON of items eligible for free 2-day shipping). Standard shipping costs alone can be very high especially for bulky or odd-sized items, so this is quite a valuable feature of a Prime membership especially when combined with the extra cost savings of free expedited 2-day shipping.


Get Amazon Prime for Free | THINK LIKE A BOSS LADY

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What most people don’t know is that you don’t need to have your own Amazon Prime membership to qualify for the free standard shipping and free expedited 2-day shipping perk…

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Get Amazon Prime for Free – Part I

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Yes, you can get Amazon Prime perks for free! Like for real free.

Whether you’re already a devoted Amazon shopper or just considering the benefits of an Amazon Prime membership, in this article I highlight some tips and hacks for maximizing your existing online shopping habits using Amazon Prime, as well as how to get a free Prime membership, start receiving referral perks, as well as exclusive membership benefits (like sharing your free 2-day shipping with friends and family, hello!) that you may be entitled to and just haven’t tapped into yet.

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