Guide to Choosing a Wedding Party aka Avoiding Bad Bridesmaids

Boss Lady's Guide to Choosing a Wedding Party

No bride deserves a deadbeat bridesmaid in her wedding party. That said, unless the wedding is a Kim and Kanye style affair with all expenses paid, the reality is that being a bridesmaid is often about 30% glamour and 70% hard labor. With the growing interest in DIY and destination weddings, it’s more important than ever for a would-be bride to select her attendants carefully and be realistic with herself and with her potential maids about the demand on everyone’s time and pocketbook. There is a lot more to it than tulle and flowers, and not everyone will be enthusiastic about hot gluing sequins to masons jars for 12+ hours to save you a few bucks.

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Father’s Day Gift Guide – Creative Ideas He’ll Actually Like

Ultimate Father's Day Gift Guide by Lisa Tufano

Finding a creative Father’s Day gift can feel like a mission impossible, especially if my dad is involved. If you can relate, then perhaps this Father’s Day gift compilation will inspire you and prevent you from getting written out of the will (which could happen if you don’t stop giving him lame coffee mugs and Drakkar Noir gift sets). Plenty of these ideas would also make for unique birthday or groomsmen or wedding party gifts. Just sayin’!

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Stop Unwanted Junk in Your Mailbox

Tuesday, June 10, 2014 1 , , , 1

Keep the Junk in the Trunk, and out of Your Mailbox | THINK LIKE A BOSS LADY by Lisa Tufano
If your home mailbox is anything like mine, it gets regularly inundated with spam like coupon mailers, credit card offers, and all kinds of unsolicited advertisements from companies that somehow got ahold of your name and home address. STOP UNWANTED JUNK ALREADY! Between you and me, I suspect that the person who provided them with your personal information is the same jerk responsible for all the socks that mysteriously disappear between washing and drying cycles.

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