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Unfortunately we are heading into the final days of summer, or at least its symbolic calendar end which is generally marked by Labor Day. The cooler fall weather is gently calling our names like a siren’s song from the future. Or maybe I’ve just got mermaids on the brain with the return of Discovery’s Shark Week starting tomorrow!

Either way, soon it will be time for layers and plaid and wool — oh my!

For now, however, I am determined to ignore their song just a little while longer. Instead it gave me the idea to pull together a themed lookbook of mermaid inspired clothing and accessories. When I was a mini boss lady-in-training, I was obsessed with Disney’s Ariel and to this day I still can’t forget that scene from Splash with Daryl Hannah going to town on a whole lobster with her bare hands while Tom Hanks and the neighboring tables observe in total shock.

For my mermaid inspired collection I focused on the contrast between soft and spiky textures and patterns, colorful motifs that resemble fans of coral, the metallic facets of an abalone shell, glassy tide pools, and the many blues and greens that comprise the sea itself. I especially love the unexpected layered necklace with gold shark teeth by Ettika (#3), and the mermaid inspired, fish scale leggings because they just look like so much fun. I would totally rock these at pilates or yoga or similar.

Feel free to let me know what your favorite pick is using the Comments section below!

And remember, in the wise words of a talking crab circa 1989:

We got no troubles
Life is the bubbles
Under the sea
Since life is sweet here
We got the beat here
Even the sturgeon an’ the ray
They get the urge ‘n’ start to play
We got the spirit
You got to hear it
Under the sea

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