Loving Leopard Print – The Ultimate Neutral


Loving Leopard Print | THINK LIKE A BOSS LADY, by Lisa Tufano | a guide to loving leopard print

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Anyone who knows me well is aware that I have a fondness for leopard print. Not giraffe or zebra, but leopard and cheetah and even tortoise shell. Perhaps it’s the slightly erratic Jackson Pollock-like daubs of color combined with a palette of black and brown and cream.

For me, leopard print is a neutral in its own right that has the capacity to dress an outfit up or down depending on how and where you deploy it. The wrong pattern or ratio can overwhelm and cheapen a look just as quickly as the right fabric, sizing, and placement can elevate a look into covetable status.

If you’d like to incorporate a little more “meow” into your life without breaking the bank, I’ve compiled some of my top picks including my all-time favorite dry shampoo by Batiste and a sophisticatedd’Orsay-inspired ballet flat by Steve Madden. This boss lady’s literally got you covered from head to toe.

P.S. A boss lady can never have too many pairs of leopard print shoes. It’s science.

  • Cynthia
    September 28, 2014

    Thanks for including my foldover clutch in your blog post!

    • Lisa Tufano
      September 28, 2014

      You’re very welcome! Let me know if you’d ever like to partner on any shopping discounts for my readers?

  • M.Clark
    October 26, 2014

    I love leopard print myself. Of the items you have in the photo above I like the bra, both clutches, the sunglasses, and the flats. Thank you for sharing this post.

  • lola
    November 11, 2014

    like very much 1 and 9, but i adore number 19!

    a woman has never enough leopard clothes! i specially love that print for the accessories

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