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Is Using Foundation as a Concealer a Good Choice? 

This post is about foundation vs concealer. It will answer your query about “Is Using Foundation as a Concealer a Good Choice?”

Are you tired of regular 13-15 steps or time taking full-fledged makeup? Many of us don’t find enough time to follow multi-step makeup routines, and we try to simplify our go-to makeup routines.

It will save much of our time and, yes, money, of course. What if you have been somewhere and, while making up, you have just realized an oops moment that you have just forgotten to pick up the concealer with you? 

If you have a foundation, you would be surprised if it can be a concealer or will serve the purpose. If so, don’t worry.

We are present to sort out this most common issue for you, clearing the confusion and comparing foundation vs concealer. Here, we have an expert solution to the question: can you use foundation as concealer?

Foundations vs Concealers

Foundation vs Concealer (Image Source: De Lanci)

Many beauty experts and makeup artists consider it a good option to use foundation as a concealer if you do not have one. Although these are two different compulsory products for good makeup, a foundation can still be a good concealer, too.

Concealer is actually used to cover scars, dark circles, spots, and other skin imperfections. So, you must use a foundation matching the skin tone to be used as a concealer. It can give a good medium to full coverage. If you know how to apply concealer and foundation, you will get your desired look.

Is Using Foundation as a Concealer a Good Choice? 

Let us explore more about using foundation as a concealer and how to get flawless makeup while using a good full coverage foundation.

For what purposes concealer serves?

Concealer, as reflected in the name, helps to conceal facial imperfections like dark circles under the eye, dark spots, and acne scars. This is an especially designed beauty product to let you complete your flawless makeup.

Concealers are concentrated and heavier than foundations as they are targeted to conceal the area, so they must match your skin tone. While selecting a concealer, you will get many choices in shades.

A concealer, being the thicker one, sets easily when applied and gives a good final finish to the makeup. You can even use a combination of concealers for different types of spots and scars. Color-correcting concealers are trending for the reason of their multipurpose nature.

Why do we use foundation?

Most probably, everyone knows about the foundation. But in foundation vs concealer, foundation is usually applied to the entire face instead of using at particular areas or spots. 

An even base is made on the face and neck, too, to get an even skin matching the already one. Variations in the foundation are so real. They vary in their consistency and overall making.

Different foundations give different coverage and final looks. Powder foundation, cream foundation, foundation sticks, BB creams, and liquid foundations are always the top choices of users.

You can select a suitable one that matches your skin tone best. But must select the one to maintain the natural look.

Nowadays, foundations mixed with moisturizers are also available to make it more skin-friendly.

Can foundation be used as a concealer?

As mentioned earlier, it is okay to use foundation as a concealer to have flawless makeup. Although there are pronounced differences between both, either to save time or if you have forgotten the concealer to carry, the foundation can be a good alternative to concealer.

Foundation if preferred for a full face coverage to make an even tone. At the same time, concealer is used in particular areas. If you want to cover dark circles, acne marks on oily skin, or scars, to hide and cover them do it by applying concealer.

But don’t worry if you do not have a concealer, and we will give you certain tips to apply foundation as an alternative.

Using foundation sticks or foundations with creamy consistency can be better used as a concealer because these are somehow thicker enough to be used as a concealer.

Liquid foundations, although they can be used too, still are better for medium to full coverage. Cream foundations have seemed to be more buildable in both coverage and final looks.

There are beauty experts who find it a good option to use foundation as a concealer in times of inflation comparing concealer vs foundation.

Instead of spending money on your favorite beauty products, just limit them and use them for more than one purpose.

Some Tips and Tricks of Using Foundations as Concealers

Following some particular tips can help you in saving your time and money on the go.

If you’re planning on using your foundation as a concealer, then follow our top tips below.

Experts tips and tricks if you are looking to use foundation as a concealer.

  1. First of all, to get the desired shade of your concealer, you can either select one or mix two foundations to have the shade match your skin tone. Use the back side of your hand for this.
  2. If you are looking for color correction, you can add a shade of lipstick in that, too, either blush, pink or peach.
  3. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin before using foundation as a concealer because foundation gets stuck to the dry skin and settles there. So, in dry areas, you must apply moisturizers for good skincare benefits. 
  4. Use a concealer sponge for a flawless final finish, even if you are using foundation or concealer. You can also use a damp sponge to give it a natural look.
  5. Avoid using thick layers of the foundation while concealing. Applying a thin layer will give a more natural and authentic look.

Can foundation be used under the eyes to cover dark circles as a concealer?

Area under the eyes is sensitive; thus, applying foundation there is something really critical. If not done right, it will either make the makeup cakey or will tarnish the final makeup look. 

So, although it is a common practice to use foundation under the eyes, please be careful while doing so.

By using an appropriate foundation with good coverage, you can do it. Make sure to moisturize the area. Otherwise, the foundation will settle there in the fine lines.

Using a good under-concealer is surely the best option, but if you have no other choice, you can use a foundation but in the right way.

Can anything else be a good alternative to concealer?

In case you have no concealer, using a color corrector can be a good alternative other than using foundation as a concealer.

It will cover the dark spots, acne marks, or even dark circles to complete your makeup look.

Although it will not be as good as an authentic concealer, somehow, it will work in covering those imperfections, hindering a complete makeup look.

So either go for a foundation stick with a creamy formulation or use a color corrector for this purpose.

Do I need to have both foundation and a good concealer in my beauty bag?

It is all your personal choice what you would like to use and wear to complete the look you want. Choices vary from person to person.

Some really like to wear both, and some even try to avoid both. So it’s all your personal choices.

It also depends on the purpose you are doing makeup; either you need full coverage or just a casual go-to look.

If you need to match your natural skin tone, wearing a light layer of foundation is enough.

But if you need to hide the imperfection and a heavy makeup look, it is better to know how to use foundation and concealer at the same time.

Concealer will hide the marks, dark circles, and spots, while for full coverage, the foundation would be enough.

Knowing the answer of how to apply concealer and foundation will help you complete your makeup with a flawless look.

Does concealer go on before foundation, or after it?

Does concealer go on before foundation? Concealer under or over foundation is a discussion where different makeup lovers give different opinions. Generally, it is said to apply concealer after foundation because foundation helps to create a canvas with an even skin tone.

So after foundation, concealer can be used at the targeted areas, just where needed to have flawless skin and even skin tone. 

But on the other hand, some like to apply concealer before foundation. More specifically, if they are to target dark circles or particular spots, this is justified by getting a more targeted look.

So, mostly, it all depends upon your own choices and preferences.

Bottom line

It is a debate among celebrity makeup artist and others whether can you use foundation as concealer or not while discussing concealer vs foundation. So we can safely conclude, in the light of all the discussion, that surely a foundation can be used as a concealer.

But it will somehow compromise the level of coverage and the exact skin tones  while using  foundation as concealer instead of using a concealer for concealing. It is especially true if lighter coverage and concealing is really your concern.

Going for a good and targeted concealer is definitely a good choice, but in case you don’t have one, don’t panic.

You can use a foundation stick or a creamy foundation in its place, and it will also work for you. You can use a mixture of concealer or foundation to get the look you want.

Makeup is all about experimenting and trying something new. So, instead of sticking to one particular direction, you can go with the other, making your own choices.

So just be confident in what you are and keep learning and trying the new techniques. Happily do experimentation in makeup.


  1. Can I use a foundation as a concealer

Suppose you are short of time or have forgotten your concealer to bring with you and wondering can foundation be used as concealer to get your desired makeup look? Yes it can be for sure.

  1. Which type of foundation is a good choice to be used as a concealer?

As foundations vary in their types and consistency. So, it’s really a task to search for the best foundation to use as a concealer.

But try to go with either a stick foundation or a creamy foundation to use it as a concealer.

  1.  Is it a good choice to use foundation as a concealer?

Although foundation can be used as a concealer in case you don’t have one. But definitely, it will not give that good coverage like an expert concealer.

So, if you are keen on concealing and covering dark circles, acne scars, and other spots, getting a concealer matching your skin tone would be a good idea.

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