Grandma Says Shop Like a Boss

Thursday, September 4, 2014 2 , , 0

Awww… who doesn’t love grandma! She makes the best food, she knits a mean reindeer sweater, and now she is going to school you on how to shop like a boss at Kmart.

Oh yes, you read that correctly. Kmart has a few more tricks up their sleeve, which shouldn’t surprise too many people after their naughty Christmas advertising campaign encouraging Americans to “ship” not only their pants, but also their drawers and their beds. The bizarre but buzz worthy spot was created by an ad agency called FCB Chicago (formerly Draftfcb Chicago).

Now the creative minds at FCB Chicago have done it again, urging us to shop rather than ship with a “Shop Like a Boss” commercial for Kmart that melds the pop gangster appeal of Macklemore with the disarming sweetness of Betty White during her Golden Girls years. The scene opens with unassuming AARP member Julia Ruiz perched on her bedoilied couch as she enjoys a cup of tea, an industrial sized container of pretzel “nuggets” and some Kmart shopping. Birds chirp cheerily in the background, and you’d swear that at any moment some guy from Publisher’s Clearing House is going to ring her doorbell and present her with a giant check and a balloon.

There is a twist, of course, as grandma is empowered with newfound swagger as a result of her ability to shop like a boss online and reserve items for up to 48 hours and then pay in store. She clicks her mouse and BOOM, bingo night just got real.

Cue the gold chains, leopard print hoodie, and sunglasses. Plus everyone knows that you can’t really be expected to shop like a boss without the obligatory back up dancer entourage. Once those guys appear, Granny is ready to ROLL, and after she and her posse twerk their way down the aisles to pay for their items you can bet your early bird special that she is going to “make it rain.”

No doubt she and her entourage can use all that extra time and money to spring for happy hour at the all-you-can-eat buffet.

P.S. In case you’re wondering, the song in the Kmart ad is “Big Entrance” by R8dio