Charity Girl’s Guide to #GiveBack Gifts <$50 + Promo Codes too!

Gifts under $50 that give back to charity!

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Today I wanted to invite a fellow Los Angeles boss lady and tireless do gooder, Brooke Marston, to collaborate on last minute gifting for the holidays with some of her favorite charitable brands and #giveback products.

Brooke started her girl power and charity-inspired blog, Charity Girl Problems, to provide visibility to other modern day Charity Girls and inspire Charity Girls-to-be with new and creative ways to give back despite the busy lives we all lead:

Charity is no longer about being wealthy or needing something to do because you have too much time on your hands. Instead, today’s Charity Girls are people like you and me. We work full time jobs, we all wish we had more hours in the day, we’re all a little tighter than we’d prefer to be on the cash flow, many have families they are creating and growing, but we all care about something bigger than ourselves.

– Brooke Marston

I often find myself buoyed by Brooke’s optimism and dedication to putting other people and great causes ahead of her own selfish impulses, so if Brooke’s mission inspires you as well then I would very much encourage you to visit her blog or follow along via Instagram as she highlights events and brands that incorporate a giving mentality both here in Los Angeles and beyond. So without further ado, as Brooke likes to say, “Go shop, treat yo’self and do good! It is the season of giving, after all.”

1. Kiss My Pumps:

This mug is perfect for all your Girl Boss coffee addicts on your list this year. Kiss My Pumps a witty, modern, chic line that celebrates and empowers all women hustling to make their dreams a reality. Through their partnership with Girl Up, where they donate a percentage of every item sold, Kiss My Pumps is ensuring girls around the world have access to education. Use the promo code CharityGirl to save 20% and give a gift that has a bigger story to tell.

2. Kare Kase:

Phones are essential to pretty much all aspects of our daily life, so why not choose a case that gives back? Kare Kase allows you to choose from 5 different cases that all support different causes (including animal rescue, children’s cancer, and veteran care). Not only are they cute and stylish, they are very sturdy – which makes a great gift for someone like me, who is always dropping their phone!

3. AllKiind:

According to Rachel Zoe, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” So a bundle from AllKiind is a perfect gift for all your fellow Boss Ladies out there working hard and doing good. Not only is everything ethically and responsibly made, they donate 10% of their revenue to several different non-profits, including Barks Of Love, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, and Guide Dogs of America, to name a few. 

4. The Tote Project:

Mini bags and pouches are the perfect gift for all your overly organized friends on your list; I speak from experience  as an overly organized person. This pouch is not only adorable, it is made by women in India who have left the sex trade and are paid a fair, liveable wages. On top of that, 20% of every sale is donated to Two Wings, an organization empowering sex trade survivors to pursue their dreams. Shop with the code GIFT FOR GOOD and get an extra 20% off.

5. Mitscoots:

I’m a sucker  for winter layers – especially cozy socks. These socks not only give back, they employ those transitioning out of homelessness and are 100% made in the USA. For every pair purchased, a pair of socks is donated to someone living on the streets through their partnership with local charities in Austin, TX (their home base) and several other charities across the US. 

6. Parker Clay International:

A chic passport is a great gift for any world traveler (or one who one day dreams to explore). I especially love this case as it has extra slots for other cards you need while traveling. And if you want to break your Boss Lady budget by $10, you can treat your favorite explorer (or yourself) to one that has a pocket for your cell phone. The Parker Clay team employs women in Ethiopia, paying them fair wages and providing options for income other than the commercial sex industry.

7. For Better Not Worse:

We all have those friends who always seem to be just ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion. So gift them something from For Better Not Worse, it’s not only a great conversation piece, everything they make is quite literally the softest thing you will own. The best part? A bag of groceries is donated for every shirt sold, ensuring a kid in school will not go without food. Since launching just over a year ago, they’ve donated over 1,500 bags of groceries through their partnership with the LA Unified School district. And, if you use the promo code CGPForGood, you can get an extra 20% off your order.

8. The Beauty Board Nail Polish:

Nail polish is a great stocking stuffer for girls of any age. The Beauty Board partners with several different shelters throughout Los Angeles, including Union Rescue Mission and Harvest Home, to provide beauty services for women currently residing in the shelters. This particular color, My Dearest Doris, is named after one of their first clients with Union Rescue Mission.

9. GLOW For a Cause:

Lotions, perfumes, and candles are always things we never buy for ourselves, but are always favorite gifts (and make great stocking stuffers!). GLOW for a Cause body butter is my absolute favorite. Not only is it made from high quality ingredients, they are affordable and give back. And 5% from every sale goes to support their non-profit partners, including The Gathering Place and MaxFund Animal Adoption Center. For every purchase of $25 or more using the promo code CharityGirlProblems, you’ll receive 10% off your order and a free solid “Wish” perfume, so you can treat yourself as well!

10. Krochet Kids

Winter is definitely upon us and the weather only get colder from here.  Gift all your favorite cold weather dwelling friends on your list with something from Krochet Kids and be their favorite Santa his year. This headband is my personal favorite, maybe because I can rock it in LA without looking silly and over dressed for the weather. Each item by Krochet Kids is handmade by women in Uganda or Peru, where they are not only provided a fair and liveable wage, they also receive education and mentorship to grow their own business. And the best part? Each item comes with a label with the name of the woman who made your  item, so you’ll always know who made it.

A little more about Brooke Marston…

Brooke Marston, ℅ THINK LIKE A BOSS LADY, created by Lisa Tufano

Brooke Marston is Founder and Editor-In-Chief for Charity Girl Problems, a website dedicated to empowering women (and men) to find their own unique ways to give back. She is here to introduce you to the modern day Charity Girl; to share the stories of those out there doing good on a daily basis, inspire you to find new and creative ways you can give back in your already hectic life, and teach you more about the Charity Girl world. Hopefully it will change your perspective and inspire you to become a modern day Charity Girl.

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