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Spring always brings a mix of elements, doesn’t it? Torrential downpours and gray skies wash away all the winter grit and then the world suddenly bursts to life again in a spectrum of colors and textures and sweet smells. And pollen too, but hey, let’s try to keep it positive.

It’s also the time of year we all know and love: TAX SEASON!

Yes, I know that most people dislike taxes and dread tax time, but I’ve grown to enjoy that tax season provides a perfect opportunity to redeem myself financially for the year ahead. And if you guessed that I’m about to discourage you from blowing your tax return dollars on a new pair of shoes or some other frivolity, then you guessed correctly. 😉

Download my free Monthly Budgeting Worksheet

Above you’ll find a monthly budgeting worksheet I’ve created especially for my followers. It’s basically a spreadsheet version modeled after the first budget I made for myself with a pen and paper back in 2006. I’ve pre-calculated the math for you so all you have to do is customize the fields in yellow and you’ll be looking at a monthly snapshot of your financial health. And it’s free — a gift from one boss lady to another, so that you can begin to eliminate debt and start building your personal wealth.

In exchange, I want you to give your future self a gift as well. I’m asking you to consider putting at least 80% of any tax refund towards your outstanding debts (pay down/pay off your credit card balance(s), pay back that person who loaned you a few bucks, etc.).

Don’t have any debts? Already have your own budget tool? Fabulous! Instead consider budgeting those extra dollars for a savings category like an emergency fund, retirement, future home, vacation, etc. Budgets are for everyone! That’s how you stay debt free, after all.

Anyone who says money doesn’t grow on trees clearly hasn’t thought about the problem the right way. Let this spring 2016 be the season that you plant some serious financial seeds, balance your monthly budget with the help of my worksheet, and hopefully by next spring you’ll be ready to harvest some serious savings!

Eliminate debt and build wealth with the free Think Like a Boss Lady Budgeting Worksheet

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  • sara
    July 21, 2016

    I’ve never stuck with a monthly budgeting spreadsheet because they were never detailed enough to be accurate, and I would quickly give up. Your spreadsheet accounts for everything and makes up for my laziness- thank you, Lisa!!

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