Father’s Day Gift Guide – Creative Ideas He’ll Actually Like

Ultimate Father's Day Gift Guide by Lisa Tufano

Finding a creative Father’s Day gift can feel like a mission impossible, especially if my dad is involved. If you can relate, then perhaps this Father’s Day gift compilation will inspire you and prevent you from getting written out of the will (which could happen if you don’t stop giving him lame coffee mugs and Drakkar Noir gift sets). Plenty of these ideas would also make for unique birthday or groomsmen or wedding party gifts. Just sayin’!

Many of the gifts highlighted are also available on Amazon.com, so if you waited until the last minute you can still get your gift delivered on time with Amazon Prime’s 2-day free shipping. Don’t have a Prime membership? Fear not… just check out my post with instructions for getting access to Amazon’s 2-day expedited shipping without buying a Prime membership.

See below for fully itemized links and details on my creative Father’s Day gift ideas:

1. Swedish Socks in funky designs by HappySocks. Funky socks and cufflinks are to men what statement necklaces and lipstick are to women. Even the most buttoned up gentleman will get a kick out of showing off his fancy ankle candy, both at work and at play.

2. Silver Knuckle Bottle Opener by Drinique. It’s dishwasher safe and made of aircraft grade billet aluminum here in the US of A. Definitely a conversation ice breaker, or a jaw breaker in the event of any drunken fisticuffs.

3.  The Gentleman’s Apron by Rugged Material. Aprons aren’t just for the ladies. Butchers, welders, blacksmiths and the guys who work at Home Depot all rock aprons with masculine gusto. Whatever his trade, these aprons are made from strong but lightweight 12oz waxed canvas and fastened with copper rivets. Each one is guaranteed for life and made by hand in Cedar City, Utah by Tyler Condie. The company is currently being funded by a Kickstarter campaign – so help a brother out and pre-order an apron for just $85, or go for a handmade waxed leather duffle bag or dopp kit instead.

4. A custom-themed wooden crate full of manly goodies from Man Crates. Their manifesto is “say ‘no’ to ugly neckties, cologne samplers and executive trinkets. We don’t save wrapping paper, we don’t do ribbons.” They offer crates suitable for all kinds of dads, whether he’s a snack enthusiast, hot sauce addict, a zombie survivalist, beer lover, carnivore, gamer, or athlete. Update: I sent this to my dad this year, and he confirmed that it was one of the most creative Father’s Day gifts he had ever received from me.

5. Can’t commit to a crate? Man Crates also offers you the option to send a jerkygram full of, you guessed it, exotic jerky made from the likes of alligator, buffalo, elk, kangaroo and ostrich. They claim that their jerkygram represents the most delicious exotic meats sampler that you can legally buy in the developed world; it spans three continents, three classes in the animal kingdom, and the complete matrix of textures, flavor, and spice.

6. Lucky Tiger After Shave and Face Tonic. It’s paraben and alcohol free, instead utilizing a toning and hydrating blend of organic chamomile, calendula, borage oil and aloe vera to deliver a skin soothing dose of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. With its light, citrus scent dad can wear it alone or pair it with cologne without any fear of clashing fragrances. Rumor has it that Ron Burgundy loves it because it harmonizes so well with turtlenecks and jazz flute overtures.

7. Working Gold Watch Movement Steampunk Cufflinks. According to the retailer, these are actually working skeleton watches with jewels and moving gears. The gold wheel spins back and forth, which is exactly how watches function. This pair features a polished goldtone setting. You’ll see others online, but make sure they are functional and actually move. These arrive in a complimentary hard-sided presentation box, and also come in black or silver.

8. Tailgater Portable Satellite Antenna by DISH. If money is no object in your quest for a creative Father’s Day gift, then look no further. For fathers on the go, Dish now offers the first truly automatic portable satellite antenna with fully integrated antenna and receiver software. So whether your dad is an avid road tripper, camper, or tailgater, Dish has got HDTV satellite programming at his fingertips.

9. SAS Survival Handbook by John “Lofty” Wiseman. This newly revised and internationally best-selling guide is arguably a bookshelf staple for all homes. It contains all the essentials of surviving a crisis: how to find food, build a camp, make traps, and react in the face of natural disasters and emergency situations. Written by a former member of the British Special Air Service (SAS), this is a handy reference for anyone who enjoys the outdoors, or aspires to rival Daryl Dixon when that zombie apocalypse finally occurs.

10. A customized bobble head*. Let’s be real, this one doesn’t require much explanation. You upload pictures of your dad, pick out a themed base, customize it to your liking, and a few weeks later you have a miniature version of daddy dearest himself. *Not to be confused with this custom voodoo doll.

11. Woodsman Beard Oil by The Bearded Bastard. This luxurious balm for the beard both softens and conditions with the added bonus of making you smell like a freshly showered lumberjack (assuming Paul Bunyon smelled of Texas cedarwood, sandalwood, and pine needles). If Eau de Flannel Shirt isn’t quite your dad’s bag, you can also choose from other custom oil blends like Moroccan, Opium Den and Simply Vanilla.

12. Böker Plus Tactical Pen by Böker. Know a father who fancies himself an international man of mystery? This German-made tactical pen writes like a dream, boasts a special bolt action mechanism that guys think is cool, and does double agent duty as a defensive weapon if and when under interrogation by Dolph Lundgren in an abandoned Soviet warehouse or shipyard. Pen enthusiasts rave about it, but also recommend that you purchase several Lamy M22 replacement cartridges to go with it.

13. Bushcraft Carbon Steel Survival Knife by Morakniv. Combine this Swedish beauty with #9 SAS Survival Handbook and you’ve got a perfect one-two-punch combo gift for dad. The Morakniv survival knife features a fixed, Sandvik steel blade (partial tang) with an anti-corrosive coating. The sheath itself has an integrated diamond sharpener and a fire starter capable of 7,000 strikes and 3,000 degree sparks, even under wet conditions. Knife collectors give it highest marks.

14. Ox Horn Mug by Sir Jack’s of London. The growing popularity of craft beer is undeniable, and it’s only appropriate to drink exotic and limited batch brews out of a vessel with a little more panache than a typical pint glass or mug. Handcrafted in England with a generous 16oz capacity, this ethically sourced mug is manly enough for Leif Erikson and his Viking crew, and visually striking enough to be displayed proudly alongside Mrs. Erikson’s fine Nordic china. While you’re at it, you may as well peruse their selection of Ox Horn Whiskey Tumblers, Stag Horn Whiskey Flight accessories, Porthole Flasks, and Moonshine Cologne.

15. German Lebkuchen “Ginger Snap” Spirit by Art in the Age. For dads who have a penchant for mixology and rare spirits with unique anthropological origins, look no further than this re-imagining of Pennsylvania Dutch Ginger Snap (Lebkuchen) made with blackstrap molasses and fresh ginger. According to the artists, “Lebkuchen” was invented by German monks in the 12th century and first appeared in America in the late 1600s when German Anabaptists looking for religious freedom came to Pennsylvania to be part of William Penn’s “Holy Experiment.” Art in the Age has bottled this historical artifact as a “sophisticated organic spirit based on authentic folk history designed for people who know how to drink.”

On the off chance that your dad hates ginger, Art in the Age distills other painstakingly handcrafted spirits like a Native American herbal remedy-cum-Root beer, a wild Rhubarb-centric 80 proof “tea” with ties to little-known agriculturist Benjamin Franklin, and a gentry-worthy “Garden Gin” inspired by the botanical diversity of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello estate. Not only will the bottles look great on your bar cart, but the contents mix beautifully, are organic, and are free of refined sugars and artificial flavoring. Don’t forget to print out a few of their eclectic recipes!

16. Nomad 13 Solar Panel by Goal Zero. For a power supply on-the-go, this compact gift measures in at a wee 10.5 x 7 x 1 inches (26.7 x 17.8 x 2.5 cm) and weighs less than 2lbs for easy portability. The twin panel design allows you to chain multiple units together for enhanced charging power, if necessary. It works well even on cloudy days, fits easily into a backpack or saddlebag, and directly charges most USB and 12V devices.

17. Roller Rock Glass & 2″ Ice Ball Mold. Arguably another bar cart essential, this is a Don Draper-approved, whiskey-tippling classic design that holds 8oz, measures 4″ tall, and can be custom engraved with dad’s initials or Greek letters if you so choose. It is sold with an accompanying ice mold that turns out perfect 2″ round ice balls, which melt slower and cool the whiskey faster than normal ice cubes, so you get an optimum flavor profile without unnecessary dilution. Plus ice balls just look super dapper, am I right?

18. Design-Your-Own Custom Printed Vans or Converse by The Ave. Using a top secret, patented process, they will custom print a pair of shoes for your dad using any digital image(s) you choose. Select from 3 classic footwear styles, upload your artwork, and they will send back a proof within 1-3 business days. Dad is sure to love his new, one-of-a-kind kicks showcasing little Suzy’s crayon drawings of pink elephants and blue cats doing the Electric Slide on top of a rainbow. This one takes bespoke gift giving to the next level, and if you choose this as your creative Father’s Day gift then please send me a pic of your dad’s custom kicks!


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