Did you watch the Emmys last night?

As usual, the red carpet was full of impossibly gorgeous celebrities all spiffed up in their designer tuxedo suits and sweeping gowns. And once again the journalists spent most of the time asking actresses vapid questions about their gowns and manicures and asking actors about their actual Emmy nominations, professional thoughts, and personal opinions. The media is so focused on this superficial nonsense, in fact, that E! rolled out a “clutch cam” to accompany the “mani cam” that they debuted during the Oscars to showcase celebrity manicures. The clutch cam featured a rhinestone-bedazzled rotating platform for the actress to place her clutch as if she were peddling goods on QVC.

Don’t get me wrong. I obviously love a good clutch purse. And I also believe that a woman deserves to be complimented on her dress and told how nice she looks, especially when she goes through such painstaking efforts to maintain her physical appearance. But rather than focus solely on her perfect makeup and body, why not honor her professional body of work, which is the reason she’s on the red carpet for the Emmys in the first place? Why don’t we #askhermore?

I’d personally like to know less about the contents of Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ gold designer clutch (ironically she couldn’t even remember the name of the designer) and more about her nomination for a golden trophy honoring her career achievements. Wouldn’t you?

Thanks to the #AskHerMore hashtag initiative by The Representation Project, we are one step closer to realizing social change in that direction. I believe that female celebrities have a lot more to say than just, “Tonight I’m wearing…” but we need the media to ask more meaningful questions.



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