Press Here for Champagne

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 0 , , , , 0

Press Here for Champagne Doorbell, by Lisa Golightly - inspired by Montage Film Noire Suite @ Montage Beverly Hills

Oh. my. goodness.

An emergency button that you press and a bellman materializes before you with a tray of crisp, cold, fizzy champagne? Why yes, I don’t mind if I do. It is Wednesday, after all, which constitutes a mid-week emergency of sorts. We must lift our chins, sit up a little straighter in our ergonomic chairs, take a deep, cleansing breath and fortify ourselves for the remaining 2 week days ahead, right girls? A glass of champagne is just the ticket.

The Conversation Hit-and-Run

If you really want to impress people and be well-liked, it has nothing to do with taking a perfect selfie or posting a really funny Kanye West meme. Anyone can do that.

If you want to be popular in a meaningful way, all you really need to do is present others with authenticity and your focused attention.


Choosing what we say and how we say it can go a long way to improving the way that we are perceived in both professional and personal relationships. Even something non-verbal like a smile has transformative power on both the person doing it as much as the recipient, so effective communication is not really that mysterious. It just has to do with fine-tuning the ways in which we commonly engage with others, and being a little more purposeful in how we do so.

Loving Leopard Print – The Ultimate Neutral


Loving Leopard Print | THINK LIKE A BOSS LADY, by Lisa Tufano | a guide to loving leopard print 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 1112 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 / 18 / 19

Anyone who knows me well is aware that I have a fondness for leopard print. Not giraffe or zebra, but leopard and cheetah and even tortoise shell. Perhaps it’s the slightly erratic Jackson Pollock-like daubs of color combined with a palette of black and brown and cream.

For me, leopard print is a neutral in its own right that has the capacity to dress an outfit up or down depending on how and where you deploy it. The wrong pattern or ratio can overwhelm and cheapen a look just as quickly as the right fabric, sizing, and placement can elevate a look into covetable status.

If you’d like to incorporate a little more “meow” into your life without breaking the bank, I’ve compiled some of my top picks including my all-time favorite dry shampoo by Batiste and a sophisticated d’Orsay-inspired ballet flat by Steve Madden. This boss lady’s literally got you covered from head to toe.

P.S. A boss lady can never have too many pairs of leopard print shoes. It’s science.

How to Buy a Car like a Boss Lady

Boss Lady's Guide to Buying a Car | Think Like a Boss Lady, by Lisa Tufano #lifeskills #lifehacks #finances #negotiation
Car Illustration by Joni James


Buying a car can be totally overwhelming, but a boss lady knows that in order to get into the driver’s seat she’s got to be in the driver’s seat during the buying process. The actual process may seem time consuming and frustrating, especially if you’ve never done it before. Whether you’re a newbie or just want to freshen up some of your negotiation tactics, I have compiled some valuable car buying tips for women  based on my own personal experience buying and helping others to buy their cars. Utilized properly, these should minimize the headache and save you some significant time and money.