Get Rid of Credit Card Debt like a Boss!

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Christmas pink decoration with balls and ribbon
If you’ve stepped foot inside of a major retail store since the week of Halloween you’ve probably already noticed the festive swag and holiday bling visually accosting you from every conceivable direction.

There is much to celebrate during the holidays, and I love fairy lights and hot chocolate and watching reruns of A Christmas Story as much as the next person, but just as I did last year I’d like to encourage everyone to focus on mitigating the financial damage the holidays often bring with them. No amount of gorgeous gifts under the tree is worth the long term stress and hardship of paying down the crushing interest of credit cards.

Being smart about money isn’t just about avoiding debt in the first place — it’s also about having the courage to make a healthy recovery when our spending does spiral temporarily out of control.

Desiree Mitchell
I’ve invited Desiree Mitchell to sound off on the blog this week because she has even more to celebrate this holiday season on account of her newfound financial freedom. Desiree is a relatively new boss lady acquaintance of mine, and I have been extremely impressed with her success story which has one of the happiest endings ever because Desiree is officially debt free as of 2015!

And she has graciously agreed to share some of her tips for eliminating credit card debt.

BACKGROUND: Desiree had decided to tackle her $15,000 in credit card debt head-on, and originally gave herself a timeline of 2 years to pay it off. During this time she lost her primary job and had to take a break from her plan, but despite the setback she ended up surprising herself by paying off the entire debt in approximately 12 months! Here are 5 great tips so you can aggressively tackle your debt and really have something to be thankful for next Thanksgiving!

Pink Out Loud! Giveaway with Paul Mitchell & Victoria’s Secret

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Paul Mitchell Pink Out Loud for Breast Cancer Prevention and Awareness
According to METAvivor, “if you know someone who has died from breast cancer, they died from metastatic (stage 4) breast cancer. Most people don’t know that, and even fewer people understand that…

Metastatic breast cancer, or stage 4 breast cancer, is the spread of breast cancer to non-adjacent parts of the body — most commonly to the bones, liver, lungs and/or brain. Many effective breast cancer treatments exist, but if the cancer metastasizes and spreads outside of the breast, there is no cure.

Despite these stark realities, the popular breast cancer fundraising movements give on average only 2% of their research funds to researching metastasis. Instead, their primary focus is on prevention, which does nothing to help those already diagnosed, and early detection, which does not impact those facing the ultimate death sentence of stage 4 breast cancer. And while only 6% – 10% of initial breast cancer diagnoses are metastatic, 30% of patients diagnosed with earlier stage breast cancer will eventually develop stage 4 breast cancer and die.

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He Named Me Malala



Malala Yousafzai has accomplished more for women’s rights in a mere decade than I could hope to contribute in 3 lifetimes. She is only human, but the depth of her humanity proves immeasurable by any metrics known to me.

This month the inspirational documentary of how Malala Yousafzai’s homeland (the Swat Valley of Pakistan) was taken over by Taliban extremists, how her family endured under the de facto rule of terrorists, and how Malala became a beacon for female education and empowerment, is being released in select US theaters. As of now, the film will only screen during the month of October.

The full list of theaters is here.